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WHITE Platinum Hair Color

Here's the tutorial of Joey Graceffa's Platinum Hair Color Transformation. What hair color I have done with Joey that you like? Comment below. Watch and subscribe to Jo…

Dec 16, 2018 6 minutes, 1 second 452,983 Guy Tang

How to get white hair ♡

Items used: ⸰ Wella color charm powder lightener tub (1lb) $21.99 ⸰ Salon care 40 volume creme developer (32 oz) $5.39 ⸰ Sallys extra wide tint brush $1.59 ⸰ Sallys hair co…

Aug 14, 2016 0 2,340,209 Heidi Michel…

How To: Black to Silver White Ombre Hair Color for Men

Book with Sydney Malizia! Ladies and Gentleman Salon Chicago 108 N State St Chicago IL (877) 694-9192 How to get black virgin hair and bleach and tone to a silver hair color, whit…

Feb 16, 2016 4 minutes, 4 seconds 1,686,038 Alex Faction

كيف صبغت شعري فالبيت || bleaching my hair at home

2019-12-06 8 minutes, 15 seconds 0 ChildOfStars
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