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CLAY PAINTING: CLAY PAINTING is painting where clay is placed and flattened on a flat supporting surface and moved like "wet" oil paints as on a traditional artistic canvas to produce any style of images, but with a clay 'look' to them. Clay painting is a beautiful art that anyone can make with a little patience. In this video I have done clay art on a glass bottle. Friends please visit my website to copy the image for reference use. And also watch CLAY MODELING TOOLS AND USES: to learn about HOME MADE AIR DRY CLAY TUTORIAL: CLAY PAINTING MAERIALS: 1)Fevicryl Shilpkar Clay OR Mungyo Sculpt Dry- Air Dry Terracotta Clay 2)Clay Modelling Plastic Tool Kit (47 pieces) 3)Clay Modelling Plastic Tool Kit 4)Camel Camlin Canvas Board 25cm x 30cm 5)Camel Camlin Acrylic Color Box OR Camel Camlin Kokuyo Fabrica Acrylic Pearl Color 6)Faber-Castell Paint Brush Set 7)Camlin Artist’s Picture Varnish Spray BENSOUND "Music:" or "Royalty Free Music from Bensound"

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