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1 Million Orbeez + Swimming Pool + Trampoline -

Jun 21, 2018 188 37 47,834,848

This is what happened when we added one million orbeez to our swimming pool and jumped off the trampoline into it. Watch as we add 1 million non-toxic, eco-friendly water gel beads to pool, let them grow, then jump in and swim in a pool full of orbeez. The orbeez trampoline jumps are also oddly satisfying after filling a pool with orbeez. This video shows you how to do a trampoline jump into a pool of orbeez. Also watch the video where we freeze our trampoline and crack the ice by jumping on it: . And the video where we make a sled out of frozen orbeez: Watch and subscribe to the Minnesota Cold Weather Experiments and How To Video: . Follow Minnesota Cold on Facebook: . Visit for more info on all of the Minnesota Cold videos and our other How To videos.

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