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Sep 22, 2017 3 112 86,440

BIRTHDAY UPLOAD FOR THE CHODEGANG! WE LUBED UP SOME PLAYGROUND SLIDES TO MAKE THEM SLIPPERY LUBE WATER SLIDES AND WENT DOWN THEM. This video really hurt and im pretty sure i ruptured something so make sure to subscribe if you enjoy the channel... MERCH AVAILABLE IN 1 MONTH! 🔱 - Support my Patreon for Exclusive Content 💥 🔱 - You Deserve to Join the Chodegang 👉 👕 🔱 - SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE! ✔️ ADD ME ON: INSTAGRAM ▶ TWITTER ▶ SNAPCHAT ▶ TWITCH ▶ DISCORD ▶ I'm a 20 year old child enjoying my life.

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