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Josuke and Okuyasu Get Italian Food (But It's Text-To-Speech) -

Sep 10, 2018 10 133 173,371

TO BE CONTINUED!?.. Okuyasu sounds a lot like another voice actor I know.... and that Italian Tonio guy kind of sounds like a french man.. This must be the work OF AN ENEMY STAND! If you guys like these text to speech vids I'll start making one of these every month on a Sunday, and maybe more frequently depending on my free time in real life. ITS LIVE!!! I was a little annoyed because this was supposed to be out on Sunday, and it got blocked world wide instantly, but now I'm just happy I can share this with you guys :D -for Italian/french enthusiasts- Nub, brother, why did you make that guy french Instead-a of-a da italian-na-...ehhhHH!? Well, a good reason is theirs only one male Italian voice on the thing I use, and HE-a sucK-a'ed, I tried to make a female voice low pitched too, just to see if it would work, but it just ended up sounding like a dyke. So I had to make due, and France is close enough right? hahah xD, plus, the french VA stole my heart after I heard him say "kalm down pussi boi" ....And I also didn't think you guys would find out he was french this fast, lmao, I guess it is blatantly obvious though xD

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