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Pere Marquette 1225 5.1 Surround Sound Video -

Dec 12, 2015 3 292 1,313,458

Pere Marquette 1225 leads the North Pole Express through the snow! Ride along and listen to the sounds of locomotive in action! Watch closely at 7:35 as a herd of Deer become startled by the train and begin pacing the locomotive. Be sure to give a Thumbs Up in support of the Steam Railroading Institute, Owosso, Mi. I would like to thank all the volunteers who helped make this video possible. Watch in 1080p or 4K for maximum detail! The video was upscaled to 4K to allow for higher video quality. Audio was mixed from stereo into a impressive surround sound track! Don’t forget to Share and Subscribe for future videos! For photos and more exciting content, here’s my links: Equipment Used: Camera: Nikon J1 Lens: Nikkor 1 f/2.8 10mm Wide Angle (27mm in 35mm format) Nikkor 1 f/3.5-5.6 10mm-30mm (27-81mm in 35mm format) Nikkor 1 f/1.8 18mm (50mm in 35mm format) Camera B: Nikon S8100 Action Camera: GoPro Hero 2 Stabilizer: Glidecam HD-1000 Audio Recorder: Zoom H1 Wind Screen: Micover Wind Screen for H1 All Video was recorded in a Standard Picture Profile and each clip was Graded independently in Final Cut Pro 10.2.2. !Headphone listeners need to adjusts volume accordingly!

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