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खबरदार: कबरगाह चखकर कश्मीरी खाने के कायल हो सकते हैं | Kashmiri Kabargah recipe by Chef Ashish Kumar -

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My today's recipe is a Kashmiri dish that is served on special occasions and celebrations. It is 'Kashmiri Kabargah' which is a delicious starter. As it is unique by its name, it's recipe is unique as well. Sheep's ribs or chops use to be cooked in spiced milk then mixed with egg marinade and then fried in clarified butter so that tender cooked delicious meat's upper texture use to get crispy and increased its flavor four times. So let's get started the delicious recipe of 'Kashmiri Kabargah' Recipe in English: Warm 500 ml Milk in a pot. In boiling milk, add 3-4 bay leaves, 5-6 pieces of green cardamom, 2 Sticks of cinnamon, 8-10 peppercorns, 5-6 pieces of cloves, 2 pieces of black cardamom, Add a tablespoon of fennel powder, a teaspoon of ginger powder, a pinch of asafoetida, half tablespoon of salt or add as per your taste. Mix well. In spiced milk, add 500 grams of lamb ribs pieces. You can use chops as well. Cover the lid and simmer lamb pieces in milk for approx an hour at low flame. Ribs are cooked. Now increase the flame to dries up extra water. Transfer meat in a bowl and let it rest to reach room temperature. Let's prepare it's the marinade. Pour an egg in a bowl. Add half teaspoon of black pepper, a Half tablespoon of Kashmiri chili powder, Little salt, half teaspoon of ginger garlic paste. Mix well and whisk the egg. Add one and a half tablespoon of all-purpose flour. Mix again. Pour egg mixture over meat. Mix egg marinade with rib pieces. Now ribs are ready to fry. Heat vegetable oil and clarified butter in 3:1 ratio. Traditionally in Kashmir, they use pure clarified butter but here I am using oil with ghee. Now the frying pan is ready. I am going to shallow fry marinated ribs. You can deep fry as well. Add ribs in the pan and shallow fry at the medium flame to avoid burning. Flip to get even texture all sides. Don't forget, these are cooked already so try to avoid over fry them. As soon as an individual piece looks crispy from all sides, take it out from the pan. Let's prepare a simple onion salad to compliment the Kabargah dish. Cut a large-sized onion into slices, wash it with cold water. Add a few fine chopped coriander leaves, Add little finely chopped green chilies, Squeeze half a lemon, Sprinkle some Chaat Masala. Add a teaspoon of Kashmiri Chili powder, Mix well with hard hand to massage the seasoning with onion nicely. Sprinkle some salt before serving and mix so that onion will not release water to make it soggy. Let's plate Kashmiri Kabargah Serve the salad along. Garnish it with coriander leaves. Follow my facebook page- Follow me at Instagram #kabargahrecipe #kashmirikabargaah #qabargahrecipe

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