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झींगा बिरयानी : अजब ज़ायके की गजब दास्तान | Prawns Biryani recipe by Chef Ashish Kumar -

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Our recipe today is a variety of biryani. As you all know that Biryani is a popular food in India. There are many differences about where it originated. The Biryani is generally said to have been brought into the Indian subcontinent by Arab traders, as a variant of the Pilaf. Pulav was an army food in medieval India as it was a dish that could be prepared with meat and rice in a single vessel, as they were unable to cook elaborate meals during the war. Over a period of time, this Pulav took the form of biryani and various people started making it in different ways and so the Biryanis like Awadhi, Hyderabadi, Malabar, etc were originated. Today we have brought, Jheenga Biryani which is also called Prawns Biryani. This dish is as unique as it is delicious. So let's start with the Jheenga biryani recipe. For Mutton Ra Ra Biryani recipe, click on the below link- For Dum Pukht Murgh Biryani recipe, click the link below- For Dam Sabz(Veg Biryani) Biryani recipe, click the link below- Cooking Steps: Take 300 grams of Basmati/Golden Sella rice, Soak this rice in water for approx 1 hour. I have cleaned 500 grams of Prawns. I have fried two medium-sized onion which I have cut into slices. For prawns biryani, we need a few leaves of mint, half a lemon and few green chilies which I have split into two. I am whisking 200 grams for yogurt. Let's prepare the marinade, Take 1 teaspoon of garam masala powder, Red chili powder as per taste, Half a tablespoon of cumin powder, Half a teaspoon of turmeric powder, 1/4 tablespoon of mace and cardamom powder which is in 2:1 ratio. Salt as per taste, 2-3 tablespoons mustard oil which is pre-heated and at room temperature. Mix Well. Add a tablespoon of ginger garlic paste. Add half of the fried onions, Mix. Add whisked yogurt. Mix well. Add a few leaves of mint, Add green chilies, few drops of lemon juice, Mix again. Add prawns, Mix Well. let these prawns marinate for approx 2 hours. Boil approx 1.5 liters of water. Add a few dry spices in the boiling water. Add salt, as much as makes it salty. Add a few tablespoons of oil or ghee. Add soaked rice in the boiling water. Let it boil at medium flame. We have to cook for 80%. Press a grain of rice and check. Rice is cooked as needed. Let's strain it. Save some rice water for later use. Let's prepare a dum process for biryani. Add marinated prawns in a broad vessel. I am using copper handi here. Spread it at the bottom to cook more evenly. Fill rice over marinated prawns. Add approx half a cup of rice water. Sprinkle few slices of fried onions, Add few tablespoons of clarified butter which also known as Desi Ghee in India. Add a few drops of food color but it optional. I am using orange-red and yellow color. Add a few leaves of mint and chilies. A few drops of Kewada water. Cover Handi opening with aluminum foil. Put this Handi on a low heat burner and cook for 5-7 minutes until foil rises up a bit due to steam. Increase the flame so that the foil would rise it's the maximum limit. Then reduce it to the lowest heat and cook for another 10 minutes. Switch off the burner and let the biryani rest for at least 15-20 minutes. Our Prawns Biryani is cooked, let's check inside. Always take out biryani from a flat spoon in a delicate way otherwise the rice grain will be spoil. Let's serve it. I have deep fried two whole prawns for final garnish.these will enhance your presentation. Put a mint leaf on the top. Done! Follow my facebook page- Follow me at Instagram #biryanirecipe #prawnsbiryanirecipe #chefashishkumar

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