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Phonics Song for Children | Alphabet Song | Letter Sounds | Signing for babies | ASL | Patty Shukla -

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Phonics song, ASL & English alphabet song. Order this DVD, click here: or free on Amazon Prime. Learn letter sounds of the English alphabet with sign language, Phonics and pictures of each letter and their sound, American sign language, ASL for babies and toddlers, Sing alphabet phonics along with Patty Shukla, Learn phonics, Learn English alphabet letters, Buy this song MP3: Buy our videos and songs! Watch our featured videos! Looking for lyrics? Turn on closed captions to sing along! Thank you for watching and supporting our music! Lyrics: A is for Apple B is for Ball C is for Cookie D is for Daddy E is for Elbow F is for Funny G is for Go H is for Happy I is for In J is for Juice K is for Kick L is for Look M is for Mommy N is for No O is for Off P is for Play Q is for Quiet R is of Red S is for Stop T is for Toilet U is for Up V is for Voice W is for Water X is for X Y is for Yes Z is for Zero The song is now available online through itunes, amazon, google play, etc on the CD "Jump, Wiggle and Hop" Thank you for watching!

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