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Blowout on Natural (4c) Hair - My Experience (No Flat Iron) REUPLOAD -

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(Originally uploaded October 26th, 2017) re-uploaded to view worldwide. Thank you so much to everyone that viewed and watched!!!💕 The salon I went to Del Rasario located Cable Beach Nassau, Bahamas - Salon fb: I mainly wanted to get my hair trim after allowing my hair to shrink and get dry in its natural pattern my ends felt horrible and self trimming wasn't doing it. I'm really afraid of getting heat damage the process was a bit much when I did my first silkpress so I tried a different salon that does a different technique. This is the second time I straightened my hair since natural however my first time without a flat iron. INSTAGRAM: _lawinter HOW I PRESERVED BLOWOUT: HAIRSTYLIST REACTS TO COMMENTS AND ANSWERS TOP QUESTIONS: Leave any questions you may down below. ++DISCLAIMER++ Although some parts seemed a bit rough I was just on edge about the process and was so not relaxed. I am very tender headed and this process did not leave my scalp in any pain. Also because my hair was not flat ironed it required a lot more work to maintain the style as the hair will frizz easily if you live in a hot climate almost like static hair. Check the followup video out of how I kept it straight by setting it curly overnight Intro Music: (not my own - I do not any rights to song - no copyright infringement intended) J. Balvin Willy William - Mi Gente (DAMSTERAM JRND Remix) (1 Hour) ____________________________________________ Music: Teriyaki Boyz - Tokyo Drift (Osias Trap Remix) Provided by Copyright Free Trap: ♫Osias♫ » » » _________________________________________ OUTRO MUSIC: Geoxor - You I [NCS Release]

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