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Day-4 | Free Spoken English class reloaded | Online English speaking course with Dev Sir -

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Personal class for 12 students from 10th June morning 9 to 10: call 9755530555 for more details Buy eBook (Rs 99/-)(Set of 4 books/945 pages) : Vocabulary booster(Rs 49/-)( (5000+ words) : Join telegram for free pdf Join telegram premium group(299/-) Download all my free application Buy my online course package at Vidyakul (a leading educational portal) . Help line no. 9818434684 join Unacademy use special Code "DEOLIVE" to get extra 10% discount Subscribe: This lesson starts with a discussion on Grammar and vocabulary. In this lesson, Deotirth Sahu shares his various strategies along with examples that will help you to speak good English Android App-1: Android App-2: ios App: Purchase my book at Amazon----- YouTube: Twitter: Facebook: Website: Please like, share and subscribe my channel. My Camera: My Microphone: My Light: My Laptop: My Tripod: My Green Backdrop: Grammar Online courses English Free online English courses, Online free learning English Business English English esl Business English podcast Learning English online for free SSC Exam SSC Exams 2019 SSC Exams 2020 SSC CHSL SSC CGL Learn vocabulary Public speaking Tense Modals English grammar Spoken English English speaking, Spoken English Learning English #justiceforcarryminati #Grammar #Online courses English #Free online English courses, #Online free learning English #Business English #English esl #Business English podcast #Learning English online for free #SSC Exam #SSC Exams 2019 #SSC Exams 2020 #SSC CHSL #SSC CGL Learn vocabulary #Public speaking #Tense #Modals #English grammar #Spoken English #English speaking, #Spoken English #Learning English#Learn English

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