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Kill Bill - The Bride VS. Gogo and The Crazy 88's (Alternate Version) -

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KILLING IN ALL ITS GORY GLORY This is taken from the Japanese Unrated Limited Edition DVD of Kill Bill. It contains extra scenes that were cut from the original and is completely in color. Reasons why the movie theater and regular dvd versions were in black and white: + Tarantino was forced to censor the scene in some way to limit the visual of obscene gore. The MPAA did not specify how to do this so he decided to cut a few scenes and change it to black and white (Black & White was also intended for artistic purposes and to fit the flow of the movie (such as the beginning) that happened to fit well with censorship.) + He also chose black and white as an underlying obscure/random reference to the 70s and 80s. There are 88 keys on a standard piano, the Crazy 88's wear black and white (the colors of a piano). [Why Piano? Tarantino likes to use instrumental metaphors in almost all of his works] + During production they under estimated the amount of blood needed to shoot the scene. They ran out of blood and thus made the scene B/W to hide some of the clear splatters and spray effects. ***There might be MORE than 88 members in The Crazy 88's. During this fight scene alone, I can count 81 gang members either killed or with sliced limbs (There are even more because some shots were too fast to count). Don't forget the others that were killed before GoGo and the others killed right after this scene before the final fight with O-Ren ***Officially there are about 40 actors listed in the credits of the film as Crazy 88 members. This is because in the movie industry, extras or background actors, have to have a minimum total of screen time (2-5 minutes total) in order to be officially listed in the credits of the film. Most of the actors in this scene had a screen time of less than a minute combined total, meaning that a lot of these people were not listed in the credits. **I apologize for not getting the entire scene, especially the spanking katana scene. I uploaded this video back when YouTube restricted normal users to 10 minutes only. Songs (Some of them): 4:57 - Cane/White Lightning by RZA & Charles Bernstein 7:56 - Opening theme song to Karate Bullfighter entitled Kenka Karate Kyokushin Ken 9:15 - Nobody But Me by The Human Beinz Copyright © 2003 A Band Apart Productions / Miramax Films / Quentin Tarantino (This video is not intended for personal commercial purposes. I receive no revenue from this video)

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