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19 Food Hacks and Tricks -

Oct 22, 2018 11 4 3,709,218

19 simple tricks you can use in your kicthen when cooking. 1. peach peeling trick 2. bellpepper cutting trick 3. apple trick 4. ice cream trick 5. cereal trick 6. kiwi peeling 7. ice cream serving trick 8. onion cooking trick 9. avocado how to cut and peel 10. kiwi cutting 11. eating ice cream from used nutella pot 12. steaming with a oven rack 13. apple cut 14. make orange tea 15. heat ice cream scoop 16. make flavoured ice cubes for hot drinks 17. cutting potatoes for the oven... 18. DIY ice cube maker from ferrero box. 19. special scisors for cutting herbs see more tricks on our channel:

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