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12 Personal Hygiene Mistakes We Make Every Day -

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Most people like to take care of themselves and practice good personal hygiene. But there are a few serious mistakes that we make on a daily basis that prevent us from being truly healthy. What are they and what should we do instead? Let's find out together! Research shows that most people stop biting their nails only by age 30 if not older. Sometimes nail biting can be triggered by emotional or mental stress and used as a way to deal with these feelings. However, nail biting does nothing good for your appearance. Cotton swabs used for cleaning ears can damage the eardrum and cause hearing loss and other ear-related problems. Try using olive oil instead. Research shows that after using the restroom, the average person has about 200 million bacteria per square inch on their hands. So if you don't wash them away, they stay right there and eventually make their way into your body. Using the same toothbrush for longer than 2-3 months can result in some serious health problems, including heart disease. So don’t brush your teeth with a bacteria-infested toothbrush and change it often. Your tooth brush can’t possibly reach every nook and cranny, so that’s where flossing comes in. It’ll remove the hard-to-reach bacteria that, if left where they are, can lead to cavities, tooth loss, and gingivitis. Recent studies by the American Dentist Association are now saying that fluoride is actually quite dangerous for your health. Research shows that it’s especially detrimental to children’s dental health. Music: Operatic 3 - Vibe Mountain TIMESTAMPS Biting your nails to cope with stress 0:31 Cleaning your ears with cotton swabs 1:16 Not washing your hands after using the restroom 2:04 Not replacing your toothbrush frequently enough 2:49 Brushing your teeth incorrectly 3:28 Skipping on flossing 4:07 Exfoliating your face every day 4:48 Not disinfecting things that you use every day 5:22 Using fluoride toothpaste 6:08 Using cotton pillowcases 6:53 Vacuuming too often 7:25 Overclipping your toenails 8:00 SUMMARY -Your fingers and nails are covered in bacteria that make their way into your body through your mouth when you chew at your nails. -The Q-tip can end up just pushing excess wax deeper into your ear, which does more harm than good. -Scrubbing your hands clean after using the restroom is the best and easiest way to prevent yourself from getting sick. -The bristles of your toothbrush collect tons of bacteria over time, usually just within a month, actually. Dentists recommend changing your toothbrush every 2-3 months. -Dentists recommend brushing your teeth in small circular motions for 2 minutes straight. Make sure to get along the inside and outside surfaces of your teeth, and don’t forget to brush your tongue. -Make an effort to floss after every meal or at least before you brush your teeth to keep your gums in good condition, too. -Over-exfoliating can wreak havoc on your poor skin. It causes more acne and wrinkles, both of which nobody wants on their face. -Pay attention to all the surfaces you put your hands on every day and remember to wipe them down with antibacterial wipes from time to time. -Fluoride toothpaste can cause crumbling of the teeth and even increase the absorption aluminum in the brain, which contributes to Alzheimer’s Disease. -If you’re sleeping on a cotton pillowcase, you could end up looking much older than you are because this material dries out your skin, which leads to premature wrinkling. -The best way to eliminate most of the bacteria is to steam clean your carpets. -When the toenail is cut too short, the pressure from walking forces the nail to grow into the skin of your toe. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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