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Sonos Trueplay 5.1 Surround Home Theater Calibration - Hands On Review -

Mar 15, 2017 266 31 116,909

When Sonos' TruePlay initially launched in 2015, the calibration feature only supported a handful of the company's products. Now, TruePlay is available for all Sonos speakers, including the Playbar, making it a viable option for 5.1 home theater as well as music. To test TruePlay's new home theater functionality, we started with a Sonos Playbar, then added the company's Sub subwoofer. Finally, we added two Play:1 units as satellite speakers. This provided a 5.1-channel setup, despite using only four speaker cabinets. For movies and TV shows, the difference between TruePlay being on and off was very noticeable. Instead of sound coming from a vague area off to your left or right, you instead feel like you're in the middle of everything that is happening on screen. The added immersion generally gives the effect of using a full-fledged dedicated 5.1 surround sound system instead of just a sound bar. SUBSCRIBE FOR THE LATEST VIDEOS VISIT DIGITAL TRENDS DT Daily: DT Originals: DT Podcasts: FOLLOW US!

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