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Rugantino (Italian Musical)*Roma nun fa' la stupida stasera* -

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*****READ***** This song is from the Italian musical "Rugantino", and it is sunged by Rugantino (Enrico Brignano) and Rosetta (Serena Rossi). Here Rugantino has the opportunity to have a night with the already married Rosetta, and he wants to seduce her so he asks Rome to help him; while Rosetta asks Rome to help her say no to Rugantino. The whole song and show is based on the city of Rome so the characters speak the dialact from Rome sometimes and they use some typical expressions. Now, I'm not for Rome so I can understand the whole meaning of the song but I have I dout on "Tiemme 'na mano in testa"; I don't really know what that means litterally, but I've translated it with "Help me" which is corrected I guess, but I think so XD However that's the general meaning! This is not the actual scene from the play, but it's the only high quality one I could find, but the lyrics are the same :) I think this is from the ending of the show, when they are singing this again for the audience; but I think this was a rehearsal :) Anyway enjoy :3 Sorry if there are some mistakes! I hope you'll enjoy! I own nothing but the translation. Made for my friend Nele Meyer, I hope you'll enjoy! And sorry if I took too long XD

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