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veg dum biryani | hyderabadi veg biryani recipe | how to make hyderabadi biryani -

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full recipe: download android app: download iOS app: Email – [email protected] Website – Facebook – Twitter – Pinterest – plus one – linkedin - instagram - tumblr - twitter - Music: veg dum biryani | hyderabadi veg biryani recipe | hyderabadi biryani with detailed photo and video recipe. a popular spice and vegetables mixed favoured rice dish which is typically prepared by layering the biryani gravy and basmati rice in flat bottom vessel. traditionally the dum biryani is prepared with mix of meat, vegetables and rice, however this a vegetarian alternative with only vegetables. veg dum biryani | hyderabadi veg biryani recipe | hyderabadi biryani with step by step photo and video recipe. there are several variation and varieties to the biryani recipes which changes with the region and community. but the hyderabadi dum biryani is the most popular recipe and widely appreciated. it is generally served as primary dish in a meal and is often served with choice of raita and mirchi ka salan.

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