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7 Year Old ACTS TOXIC to Teammates while I CARRY them in Fortnite! -

Feb 6, 2019 22 1 1,627,155

Today, my 7 year old little brother ACTS TOXIC to teammates in Fortnite while I CARRY them in Fortnite! Make sure you SLAP THAT LIKE BUTTON for more!! Also, SUBSCRIBE if you aren't already! PREVIOUS VIDEO!: Subscribe NOW!: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ SOCIAL STUFF! (stalk me): My Twitter: Snapchat: shashtheman ======================================================================== Fortnite IGN: DeanBeans ABOUT ME: I'm a 15 year old KID! I mostly make videos such as Gaming Videos, Challenges, Pranks, Vlogs, and Skits! But, I am more than glad to make other content! My name is Shashee Dean, "DeanBean" comes from my last name, and I like beans! YouTube was a passion of mine since I was 5, please help me fulfill my dream by SUBSCRIBING and joining the #NOTIFICATIONSQUAD by clicking on that bell! I LOVE YOU ALL, REMEMBER TO EAT YOUR BEANS! :3 If you read this far down the description, I love you! :)

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