Surprise Me

My life is potato. Ep 02 / Shiba Inu puppies -

Jan 20, 2018 7 61 217,102

Dis mini series of heckin potats searchin for chimken nuggers. They do mlems and beeps They attac and protecc but most importantly they bamboozle. Find us on our social medias; First track - Hidden Agenda Kevin MacLeod Credits - Hidden Agenda by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license Second track - Lullaby by Bellabeth

Tags: shibainu    shiba    doge    pupper    puppers    puppies    doggo    memedog    shiberino    shiberinos    potato    potatoes    inu    dog    dogs    shiro    suki    potats    potat    puppy    snuggle    cute    angery    mlems    boops    shiberina    squeak    
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