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Do Black Lives Matter ? Burning Building | Indie Song About Social Justice - Indie Songs -

2016-10-17 0 1,500

This New Independent Song, Burning Buildings Is All About Bringing Social Justice By Taking Constructive Steps And Peace. The Misconception We See Today With " Black Lives Matter " Is That People Start To Think That It Means, Either Black Lives Matter More Or Only Black Lives Matter . Where As The Idea Behind Black Lives Matter Is That " Black Lives Also Matter " The Singer Clive Stewart Has A Very Nice And A Husky Voice. Many Say This his Voice Resembles The Great Reggae Singer Bob Marley. " I Wanted This Indie JRock Song To Bring Awareness To The Fact That Violence Is Never Acceptable" Said Clive Stewart Clive Always Is Humbled By Comments On His Voice Sounding Like Bob Marley. The Director Of The Song "Himesh Bhargo" Had A Vision To Promote The idea That All Lives Matter. " I heard The Lyrics And Was Like , WoW !!! Instantly I Wanted To Move Forward With The Idea That Exhibits That There Is No Sense In Destroying Anything or Hurting Innocent People To Achieve Justice. " Clive Stewart In An Independent Music Maker And Himesh Bhargo Has Successfully Directed Award Winning Independent Films. The Combination Of The Two Brings This Amazing Indie Love Song In Reggaeton JRock Genre That Has The Power To Educate The Youth To Take More Rational Steps.

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