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Pebbles present, Rain Rain Go Away 3D Nursery Rhymes with Lyrics For Kids. Nursery Poems in 3D Animation. \r\rPebbles offers the following Rhymes Collection for Children\rNursery Rhymes With Lyrics,\rNursery Rhymes With Actions,\rEnglish Nursery Rhymes, \rNursery Rhymes for Kids, \rNursery Rhymes for Children, \rTop Nursery Rhymes, \rAnimated Rhymes for Kids HD, \rNursery Songs, \rAnimal Sounds \r\rThe most Popular & Interesting Nursery Rhymes for Babies, Nursery Kids & Children of all age groups by Pebbles Rhymes Channel.\r\rVisit Pebbles Official Website - \r\rSubscribe to our Channel – \r\r\rEngage with us on Facebook at \r\rPlease Like, Share, Comment & Subscribe\r\r3D Nursery Rhymes Vol 1 Contains the Following Rhymes\r1) Five Little Soldiers\r2) Wee Willie Winkie\r3) Little Jack Horner\r4) Johny Johny\r5) My Band\r6) Jack & Jill\r7) Hot Cross Buns\r8) One Two Buckle My Shoe\r9) After a Bath\r10) Little Bo Peep\r11) Christmas Bells\r12) Hickory Dickory Dock\r13) Engine Number Nine\r14) Little Miss Muffet\r15) London Bridge\r16) Ding Dong Bell\r17) Number Rhyme\r18) Baa Baa Black Sheep\r19) The Clock\r20) Ring A Ring A Roses\r21) Yankee Doodle\r22) Teddy Bear\r23) Rock A Bye Baby\r24) Lolly Pop\r25) Me An Apple\r26) Tooth Brush\r27) Humpty Dumpty\r28) Two Little Dicky Birds\r29) Goosey Goosey Gander\r30) I Am A Little Teapot\r31) The Dog Says\r32) To Market\r33) Pussy Cat\r34) Rain Rain Go Away\r35) Mummys Gone To London\r36) Twinkle Twinkle\r37) Chubby Cheeks\r38) Mickey Mouse\r39) Mary Had A Little Lamb\r40) Simple Simon\r\r3D Nursery Rhymes Vol 2 Contains the Following Rhymes\r1) ABCDEFG\r2) Bits of Paper\r3) I Have a Pretty Dolly\r4) I Hear Thunder\r5) Kites Kites\r6) Ninny Nanny Netticoat\r7) Puff A Train\r8) Quick Quick Quick\r9) Six Little Ducks\r10) Up In The Dark Sky\r11) Violin Violin\r12) Way Up In The Apple Tree\r13) Zebra\r14) We Are Indians\r15) The Dog Says\r16) Old MacDonald\r17) Lucy Locket\r18) Tom The Pipers Son\r19) Bend Bend\r20) Pit Pat Well A Day\r21) Rat A Tat\r22) My Jack In The Box\r23) Bubbles\r24) Donkey Donkey\r25) Mr Bunny Rabbit\r26) Elly The Elephant\r27) Up Up Up\r28) Yellow Yellow\r29) Jingle Bells\r30) Clap Your Hands\r31) Cobbler Cobbler\r32) Are You Sleeping\r33) Dip Dip Dip\r34) Pat A Cake\r35) Mistress Mary\r36) Ten Little Fingers\r37) Look Look\r38) Where Do You Come From\r39) Row Row\r40) Incy Wincy Spider\r\r3D Nursery Rhymes Vol 3 Contains the Following Rhymes\r1) My Red Balloon\r2) Round and Round\r3) Xmas Tree Very Pretty\r4) The Sun Shines\r5) Where Are You Going\r6) Quick Quack Quick\r7) Hop a Little Jump a Little\r8) Knock Knock Knock\r9) Mix a Pan Cake\r10) One Little Two Little\r11) Here We Go Round\r12) The Sounds That I Can Hear\r13) The Action I Can Do\r14) Vans Vans Vans\r15) Ten Little Firemen\r16) Look At The Moon\r17) Neddy Had Nine Teddies\r18) Miss Molly\r19) Rub a Dub Dub\r20) Jaggi The Joker\r21) Kangaroo Oh Kangaroo\r22) The G Song\r23) Family\r24) Prayer\r25) The Cat\r26) See Saw\r27) Washing Day\r28) What Can I Do\r29) Knock At The Door\r30) Bells\r31) Old Mother Hubard\r32) Hey Diddle Diddle\r33) Diwali\r34) Daffy Dilly\r35) Rabbits Rabbits\r36) George Porgie\r37) Little Little Monkeys\r38) Good Morning Miss\r39) Doctor Foster\r40) Lady Bird

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