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Indie Game HQ Indie Bundle Spotlight: The Greenlight Bundle #3 -

2013-05-07 0 188

For Indie Game HQ's first ever "Indie Bundle Spotlight", Nathan takes a look at the third Greenlight Bundle. Created by Stolen Couch Games, the Greenlight Bundle aims to provide not only awesome indie games at a price of your choosing, but to also help generate traffic to the featured developers Steam Greenlight campaigns. Even though Gabe Newell has reported that Steam plans to bury Greenlight to give developers a fair shot at getting their game on Steam, we still don't have a set date of when that's happening. To that I say, why not show these indies who are still stuck in that process some support! Links for each game will be found below their respective synopses. Full article: Twitter: Facebook: The Greenlight Bundle - Nine awesome indie games for a minimum of $5: Aeon Command Beware Planet Earth! Depth Hunter Dwarf Quest Gear Jack Hairy Tales Megabyte Punch Paranormal Potatoman Seeks the Troof

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